アーティストBen Sidran
作詞Ben Sidran
作曲Ben Sidran
Try to remember the way it was
Before you heard those bad things about her
You were willing to give what you earned
If only you didn't have to spend your nights
without her
Can you remember the way it was
Before you said those mad things aboijt her?
Days were long, full of song
Where and why did you go wrong?
With you sitting in your chair I
Where you said you'd always care
Made that you sounded fair I
Now that you parted there's no time wishing
Although you say you never really changed
your feelings
Last time we met you had nothing to say
Now you say you feel nothing at all
Sing it to me and I'll sing it to you
When one is in love what else can one do
So many people are singing this song ;
Say, don't you feel hey, hey don't you feel
Say. don't you feel like sinaino along


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