Racine Bovine / 時は流れて

アーティストBen Sidran
作詞Ben Sidran
作曲Ben Sidran
Oh remember baby, once upon a time
When I was yours and you were mine
Memories seem to age like wine
Every once upon a time
Remember baby when we used to stroll
We were humming sweet rock and roil
There wasn't anything in this world we didn't hold
In the palm of our hands
I don't understand
Why they said a man isn't supposed to cry
Everyday another man has got to cry
Every now and then baby don't you wonder why
We're just once upon a time you and I
Every once upon a time
And once upon a time when we were young
You made me feel like a Christmas tree
that was hung
That seasons passed
That song is sung
But I get the call for you most of all
You see it's a shame, just the same
Even though I know I am the one to blame
Cause every now and then baby
I get myself a cravin' that's ravin' insane
A-callin' your sweet name
Oh every once upon a time


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