4:59 A.M.

アーティストLittle Milton
作詞Dave Clark, Milton Campbell
作曲Dave Clark, Milton Campbell
I've been sittin' here worryin'
'Til midnight to dawn
Wondering to myself where the world is goin' on
Then the clock on the wall
It keeps tickin' the time away, oh, yeah
Loneliness forced to deny the morning
One minute before the break of day

I drink twenty cups of coffee
To fit the gin
The woman won't hurry on home
If she knew that she shook my man
I gave her everything she want
Even let her go out to play
But she doesn't want to stop the game
Because it's 4:59 in the morning
One minute before the break of day, oh

I walked down to the corner
To join the taxi's stand
When I'm at be safe and saw
Her at the playhouse
Getting with another man
And you know that she's been acting
She's been acting real strange
She took all the money from the cooker Joe
Even took that pocket change

She'd be home in about one minute
She'd better be on her way
I'll tell you why
You see, it's 4:59 in the morning
That's one minute before the break of day
Yes, it is

Oh, baby, you need to come on home
I can't stand it, no, no, no, no, oh, no
I can't stand it anymore
I need, I sure need you at home, yes, I do, girl


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