Me For You, You For Me

アーティストLittle Milton
作詞Milton Campbell, Patrice Powell
作曲Milton Campbell, Patrice Powell
So you've been hurt
And you feel you've been let down
And I can tell by your conversation, baby
Oh, they sure must've messed you around
But forget those other lovers, oh, baby
Because they weren't meant to be, oh, no
And I'll be your true love right now
Me for you, oh, baby and you for me
Oh, yeah

So rush to me like a child
They got hurt while out to play
One kiss from me, oh, you'll see, baby
Then all the hurt will go away
With true love and devotion, oh, baby
Here's how it's gonna be
I say you and me, I guess the world
Me for you
Oh, baby and you for me, oh-oh-oh, yeah

So hush, little baby, don't you cry
(Don't you cry)
You see, I know just how you feel
It has been too long ago, oh, baby
That I got a dirty deal
So let's leave our troubles behind us
Oh, baby
You see, that's well they ought to be
And we'll mend each other's broken hearts
Right now
Me for you, oh, baby and you for me
Oh-oh-oh, yeah

Me for you and you for me
That's the way it's gonna be
Ain't it nice, it's so doggone nice
Oh, oh, baby
Ain't it nice, I wanna say twice
Oh, ain't it nice, ain't it nice
It's so nice
I got you and you got me
That's the way, that's the way
That's the way it was meant to be
And I love you and you love me
Oh, baby, baby, baby, can't you see
Ain't it nice, it's so nice
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, baby, baby, baby
Oh, oh, my love
Oooooh, oooh-wee
You love me and I love you
It makes so difference baby
If it's just us two
It's nice, so doggone nice
Oh, I love you, I love you
Yes, I do, baby, oooh... (fade)


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