Golden Touch

アーティストRose Royce
作詞Norman Whitfield, Walter Downing, Mark Kenoly
作曲Norman Whitfield, Walter Downing, Mark Kenoly
Golden touch
It happens every time your lips touch mine
There's a feeling that's so divine
There's magic in you

Golden touch
I wasn't very strong 'til you came along
You made me realize that by your side
Boy is where I belong

Golden touch
There's a kind of magic in the air
Whenever you are near
I get butterflies every time your eyes meet mine

You opened up so many doors
I was so very, very insecure
You made me see the light
You made my life sunny and bright
And you, you I worship and adore you, oh

Golden touch
Tell me do you ever wonder
How the stars got in my eyes
Well, you put them there, ooooh, yeah

Golden touch
Do you know the power you possess
You're the key to my happiness
I must confess you're simply magic

Touch me
Touch me
And it feels so good when you touch me
Please touch me... (fade)


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