Funkin' Around

アーティストRose Royce
作詞Norman Whitfield
作曲Norman Whitfield
What is funk?
Tell 'em, Joyce
Tell 'em what?
Everybody knows that funk is the thang
Can't you see as you only enjoy
Get off my back
Hit, take the ship
Can you take it?

Funk (Thought's the night, so you take that?)
I don't know, she's the one who knows
We're goin' try it down

What is funk?
What you don't know
I identify yourself know
Are you friends?
I saw you

People tell me, can you feel it?
Don't be afraid to feel it
And if you do, it's alright
Ooooh-ooooh, oooooh-ooooh
Keep you hot, hot
Let me say you "Bad luck"
Got to get my hands on one-night stand
Hey, hey
Let a little girl dance
Here I come, y'all
Make way to let him through

I wonder if you like (I got a chance)
What I do my thang
(Shake it all get down)
I'll make you shout, I'll make you shout
I'll make you hot

I'll be seein' you in a few
Yeah, I'll be waitin'
What is funk?
And what sound she said, soul music?
Brother, won't you try the earphone go
All because of you, have a chair
Stop to your near
I want you to know that sittin' is bored and
I'm proud of you
Got a message

Get up your sheet, get on your feet
What's the matter with you, can't you feel it?
Clap your finger, shake your hand

Meanwhile, back at the playin'
Once again, ladies and gentlemen
The captain has signs
Oh, no!
People, won't you be cool?
You...... you still like...... fool
And if you don't take your arms around my leg
Let me tell you something, man
I won't knock you better beside your hip

What is funk?
Clap, clap, clap, yeah, feel it spin
I'll never tell what funk is
Look it here
Funk, you can confuse and rise it
No, no, no
Funk imitate it
Oh, yeah, they'll try it
Do search for the song is sneak and charming
......... hit me, band

Nice sneak (Repeat)

Funk, funkin' around, funkin' around
Just funk that, funkin' around
Funk, funkin' around, funkin' around
Just funk that, funk around
Funk, funkin' around, funkin' around
(Repeat with ad lib)


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