作詞Carl Driggs, Ish Ledesma
作曲Carl Driggs, Ish Ledesma
Madamoiselle you look so lovely
Laying down in the sand
Would you like to have a rendezvous with me
Lovely senorita you really look so pretty
When you smile at me
Beauty is all I see
She said "la la la la la la la ooh
La la la la la la la ooh"

You look so good
I wish I could make you look at me
The way I look at you
And if you do
I'll squeeze you like a dream come true
She said

I want to try you on and baby
I want to love you wild
Make you feel sweet, woman
You look so nice, you look so nice
You look so nice
I'd love to take you home with me

Ooh la la la la la ooh la la la la
Is there a place, lovely lady in your world
With me to be with you
I just get so confused every day
I fall and it's all for you
Madamoiselle, lovely senorita
You mean my whole life to me
When I love you true
Madamoiselle you look so nice
You look so nice
I want to make sweet sweet love
Sweet love to you
'Cause you do everything so nice
You got so much class
You got so much sophistication in everything

(French and Spanish)

Lovely senorita I want to get to know
You and you and you
'Cause you drive me wild
You make me so very hot I'm burning


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