Hello, Hello

アーティストClaudine Longet
作詞Terry MacNeil, Peter Kraemer
作曲Terry MacNeil, Peter Kraemer
Hello, hello, I like your smile
Hello, hello, shall we talk a while
Would you liKe some of my tangerine?
I know I'd never treat you mean
Never knew how I'd meet you
Didn't know how to greet you
When I saw you look that way
I knew I had to say
Hello, hello

I always longed to say I love you
Always been too high about you
Now you're not so far away
Now at last, I can say
Hello, hello, you've got pretty hair
Hello, hello, can't you tell I care
Would you like some of my tangerine?
You know I'd never treat you mean, oh no
You know I'd never treat you mean


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