Canto Triste

アーティストSergio Mendes & Brasil '66
作詞Lani Hall
作曲Edu Lobo
All I had was just a dream
And dreams are all I had, now
How can I forget?
I can't forget the way you loved, completey
I need you near me now
I want you near me now
I can't forget the way you loved me
I can still forgive you
Even while my heart is breaking
You never said good-bye
You said you'd never leave me, in my life
I loved the way you like
And now it's quiet here
To be alone again-all alone now, oh,
Look for the stars to say.
Cry not your tears for me
And as they're falling
From the eyes that left me
All the nights you said you loved me
Waiting for the stars to bring
The answer that you gave to them
While I wait, I see your smile
To me your smile was springtime
I can't forget you've gone
If all the love I gave was wrong, forgive me
Don't go without me
Don't ever leave me
I'm much too sad, you see,
You're all I have


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