Hold On

アーティスト50 Cent
作詞Adam Feeney, Curtis Jackson, Joell Ortiz, Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong
作曲Adam Feeney, Curtis Jackson, Joell Ortiz, Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong
I woke this morning this is insane
Rich as a motherfucker it ain't much change
Open my eyes no surprise I'm with a different bitch
Different day different ass different tits
Strap under my pillow I don't roll legit
I'm not suppose to do this shit but I forget
The true principles of life is supply on demand
I guess if you never sold dope its hard to understand
My man got knowledge itself and my back got
Find out todays mathematics when that mac off
My temple volatile grew up a violent child
Fuck a boy scout I air your ass out
Nigga nice chain dice game try your luck
Shot a couple of head cracks leave while you up
I'm a fly nigga my denim vintage
Gold medal around my neck like I won the Olympics

We came from nothing
Now they saying we straight (you got that)
NIGGA hold up hold on (let Yayo hold the STRAP son It's cool)
Hold on (we got bail money whatever)
These NIGGAS is watching every dime we made (you Niggas gotta chill)
Hold up hold on (just be cool about this Shit relax)
Hold on

We want that deluxe apartment in the sky with a clear view
Instead we get the D's on the rear view
We learn to play the game the way how is suppose to be
So you know you violate you supposed to be sprayed
It's not a big deal to me stay calm
I shoot the shit out of niggas and call it Barry Bonds
If don't do this shit myself bet I get it done
Shit on my nigga you shit on me we are one
Used to do graffiti now look we major
Don't make me write my name across
Your face with the razor
Re-up duro they said they sampled the bomb
This SHIT can take a two do you this Bitch with a wand uhh
Watch the feins stand in line for the potency
No lactose involved pure coco leafs
You can sniff that or cook that to my belief
That money coming in like we run the streets

We came from nothing (that's a bet five I form better)
Now they saying we straight
Nigga hold up hold on nigga you got a gambling problem)
Hold on (I'm winning you losing)
These niggas is watching every dime we made
(you got the gambling problem)
Hold up hold on (yeah)
Hold on (yeah)

What's up what we doing
The shit goes how I say it go when is time to expand
So say is over your death body and that's the plan
You are a gansta for real you ready to ride
Nigga you gonna die back case of to much pride
Check my DNA homie I'm a different kind
Hit the speed dial that quick I get your line
We don't want your block just copped the work from us
Them niggas you call allies can't be trust
That rollie all gold I got the Midas touch
Sometimes it's hard not to touch stuff
On the phone I heard Yay smacked the shit out of a kid
Now Jimmy got life go smack him again
When is war it will be war till the end
If they ever say we lose I start it again
Them sneaky niggas sprayed that semi at your momma crib
With a silencer we couldn't even hear the shit

We came from nothing
Now they saying we straight (I don't fuck with the)
nigga hold up hold on (these niggas is roaches man)
Hold on (Dirty ass niggas)
These niggas is watching every dime we made (boy you better be easy)
Hold up hold on (I ain't playing with you boy)
Hold on
you must have bump your motherfucking head or
something boy
I don't give a fuck about the old school shit
Talk about
You got me fucked up nigga


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