When It Was Done

アーティストWalter Wanderley
作詞Jimmy Webb
作曲Jimmy Webb
If I could bind your mind to mine,
In time I'd keep you from that world of hurt.
If I could change the strangeness in your kind,
Then I'd know where your soul is.
And then I'd know what song I'd have to sing,
To touch that chord within you.
And I would weave such wonders.
And when it was done, I'd win you.
If I could stand with he stars in either hand,
And say this is not the answer.
If I had been, we're going, but then,
I'll never be a dancer.

But if I was, I'd know what step to take.
And laugh at where they'd freed me.
And smash the great ball down, boy.
And when it was done, you'd need me.

If I could face the face that waits to cast me
in the scramble.
And sit across the velvet porch from God and I
would gamble.
And if I could I'd know what chance to take.
And before the devil sold you,
I'd bet my soul against the stars.
And when it was done, I'd hold you.


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