アーティストMilton Nascimento
作詞Milton Nascimento, Femando Brant
作曲Milton Nascimento, Femando Brant
There comes the strength
There comes the magic
That sets my body on fire with joy
There comes the damned saint euphoria
That hallucinates me,
throws me and whirls me

There comes the chant,
the hollering of the beast
There comes the voice of any spring
There comes the claw tearing the throat
The hunger, the fury,
the blood that is already rising

Where does this thing so mine come trom
That warms me and caresses me
Where does this thing so raw come from
That wakes me up and throws me in the
middle of the street

It's a lamentation, the purest chant
That lights me, the darkened house
It's my strength, it's our energy
That comes from far away
to keep us company

It's Clementina singing pretty
The adventures of her afflicted people
It's Seu Francisco, cap and pipe
Teaching me that the fight is with myself

Every Maria, Maria Dominga
Come Vilma and Auntie Hercilia
It's Monsueto and it's Grande Otelo
Come come because Nana is coming.


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