アーティストCurtis Mayfield
作詞Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway
作曲Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway
Standing here alone
Looking off to the sky
Even the stars seem to be mated
And I ask myself why
I can't understand why
I never made a play
When you were so pretty to me in every way
Why couldn't I see
You were in love with me
Why didn't I know just which way to go?
Now I cannot forget her
Standing here with fear
And now I must suffer
Oh! Everybody knows this woman I loved her

What will I become?
Loneliness blends with some
But, Dear, for me I already see
I don't want you away from me
If, only I wasn't so blind
And gave you some kind of sign
This might not have been!
Yes, it's me standing out looking in
Throw your heart out the door
I guess I won't do it no more
Now, I got to Suffer
The woman I loved her
It seems sometimes in life
You waste a sacrifice
The lack of the love you show her
Can sure run things right out the door
Now, I must Suffe


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