Club A Go Go

アーティストThe Animals
作詞Eric Burdon, Alan Price
作曲Eric Burdon, Alan Price
My baby found a new place to go
Hangs around town at the Club-A-Gogo
Takes all my money for the picture show
But I know she spends it at the Club-A-Gogo

Let's go baby, let's go
Oh I love you, come on

It's one of the coolest spots in town
If you take too much
though it's bound to get you down
She's got a boyfriend they call Big Joe
He's a big shot at the Club-A-Gogo

Baby, come on lets go, let's go baby yeh

Now they play the blues there
every day and every night
Everybody Monkey's and they feel alright
Ask my friend Maria, he'll tell you so
That there ain't no place like the Club-A-Gogo

Let's go babe oh let's go
Come on it's alright, it's alright it's alright

I guess I can't blame her for goin' up there though
The place is full of soul
Body and soul baby
It's alright Jerome Green, Rolling Stones
Memphis Slim up there, Jimmy Reeves too
Baby Sunny Boy Williams...


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