It's Alright

アーティストLast Autumn's Dream
作詞Mikael Erlandsson
作曲Mikael Erlandsson
Sunday morning major ache and I wonder where
I am
A different smell and a face beside me
"Who's that woman does she have a name"
My mind is working harder and I just begin to
I hear a noise close my eyes pretend to sleep
My heatbeat wakes her she says
"Good morning mister wisdom
And thank you for last night
I've learned a lot but most of all I've got you"
I don't believe it I don't know what I have done
Too much wine and I was gone

Tell her it's alright now

Sunday evening still around she asks me if I care
I say "I love you my sweetheart but I've got to
Can I have your number I call you tomorrow"
She hesitates then looks right trough me
She knows that I am scared
She says "Mister wisdom give me yours instead
I call you tonight is everything alright?"
Standing by the door with a shotgun in my back
One of those nights that blows my head away
Hmmm- don't believe it
Doesn't know what she's done
Too much wine and she was gone
She thinks

Tell her it's alright now

It's alright
It's alright

I tell you it's all right now


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