Sweet Rain

作詞今泉裕美, 原詞:田中日香里
On a rainy day, I was walking alone
You came, asked me to get in
Your smile was so nice, I liked it
We began to share the umbrella

The rain in June was pretty cold
And naturally we got closer

It was a shiny world right next to you
I don't know why, I was acting so cute
My eyes were already melting on you
Then now I love rainy days

I realized I lost my key, so upset
You just ran and left me soon
Hearing the sound of rain, a little nervous
Suddenly, the door was open loudly

You were holding the key like a little boy
You were wet in rain but didn't care

Happy to see your smile, so sweet
I don't need the key anymore
Cause you are always here with me
It was the first time to be a girl

My heart was humming with your sweet love
No words, kissed your nose
So beautiful time

Waiting right in front of the door
Let me say honestly I love you so much
As soon as you open the door
I'll just give you a long hug so tight


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