Lease Of Life

作詞Edu Falaschi
作曲Edu Falaschi
Where do you came from?
I hear an angel song
It seems to be a call
Eros's chant of love
Take me through the storm

When you came from afar
It took so long
Spirit brought me life,
A passion at first sight
Lend thy hand, my heart

Nymphs dance around the isle
A phantom screams and haunt me all the time
Then you come
Like an angel from the skies
Princess of my dreams
I wonder why you are gone
Someday you'll return

Where do you come from?
Faraway? Beyond?
Virgin as a diamond
Precious like a child
Lend thy hand, my heart

We've got to believe we'll join our lives

Over the vengeance, treason and lies

We can be one,
we can restart

Forgive my mistakes

-Time will tell-

Forgive my mistakes,


Since I arrive on this shore
I've seen all my past (someday)
A new force come from the source
A new lease of life


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