Can't Go Away

アーティストCon Funk Shun
作詞Skip Scarborough, Art Wilson
作曲Skip Scarborough, Art Wilson
Oooooh, yeah, yeah

I can't go
(I'll never go away)
I can't leave
(Cause I'm here to stay)

What can I tell you
How can I prove that my love is true, yeah
What does it matter I'm still in love
With you, with you

(Oh baby)
Oh baby
Don't you care, girl
I'm not going anywhere
No never

Please believe me
(My love will be around)
If there's a reason
You don't believe that I care
For you, yeah, yeah, yeah
Just don't stop me and you
Will receive all my love
My love is strong
(Oo, baby)
Oo, baby

Agh baby
(I'll never go away)
Oh can't go nowhere
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Can't go nowhere
(Never go away)
Just can't leave my lover behind
Believe in me baby
(Never go away)

Just can't leave
Just can't leave
(Never go away)

(Never go away)
(Never go away)


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