I Appear Missing

アーティストQueens Of The Stone Age
作詞Dean Fertita, Josh Homme, Michael Shuman, Troy Dean
作曲Dean Fertita, Josh Homme, Michael Shuman, Troy Dean
Calling all comas, suspect on the loose,
The spitting image of me,
'Cept for the heart shaped hole where the
hope runs out
Shock me awake, tear me apart
Pinned like a note inside a hospital gown
A prison of sleep, further down
The rabbit hole never to be found

It's only falling in love because you hit the

Where are you hiding my love?
Cast off like a stone
Feelings, raw & exposed when I'm outta control
Pieces were stolen from me or dare I say given
Watching the water give in as I go down the drain
I appear missing now
I go missing, no longer exist
One day, I hope, I'm someone you'd miss
Dancing on wire both ends are on fire
Cut me loose
Nowhere to run, no more room to pretend
Wandering along the road in the summer night
Don't cry―
With my toes on the edge it's such a lovely
I never loved anything until I loved you
I'm over the edge, what can I do?
I've fallen through・・・
I appear missing


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