Brown-Eyed Lady

アーティストTerry Callier
作詞Terry Callier, Larry Wade
作曲Terry Callier, Larry Wade
Lady (Repeat)

Oh how lovely in the morning
When she turns to greet the day
Always with a gentle touch
And a tender word to say

Then she offers me her warm arms
And the shelter of her smile
She's all that really matters
All that makes my life worthwhile

And if trouble comes
We'll let it happen
She won't cry
'Cause I'll be standing by
To guide my brown-eyed lady

Sinkin' sun, my work is done
And so I hurry home again
And such surprise lights up her eyes
To welcome me as I walk in

Oh I spend the evenin' dreamin'
In the comfort of her love
That's what means the most to me
Her love is love enough

We kiss and then
Sweet bliss begins
Through joy and strife
I know I'll spend my life
Beside my brown-eyed lady
Beside my brown-eyed lady
Beside my brown-eyed lady

Hear me, lady
Come, brown-eyed lady
Hey little lady, lady, lady
Brown-eyed lady, hey
My little lady, my brown-eyed lady
Don't you know I love you, little lady
Little, little lady
My brown-eyed lady
Ooh, la la la la la la la love
My little lady
I said my brown-eyed lady
I love you, little lady...


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