Trance On Sedgewick Street

アーティストTerry Callier
作詞Terry Callier
作曲Terry Callier
Charlie White is slummin'―Billy Blues is hummin'
They're ready for the nightly show―
Ev'rybody's runnin'
'cause the sons of drums are comin'
There's trouble on the street below
Despair will kick your gate
in black and white are hatin'
While the money―makers' havin' fun
Christ your color's fadin'
―Buddha where are you waitin'
Turn your halos on and come,
turn your halos on and run

Leather, tinker, tailor man―any one you meet
A Humpty―Dumpty sailor man is in a trance
on Sedgewick St.

Sweet Saint Peter, pussy-willow eater
Can you teach me how to pray
A stone wife-beater it shows up on your meter
Take the devil's time to pay,
it's the devil's time to play
Handsome Harry couldn't stay he cut out
with Sexy Sadie
Headin' back for where they've been
Tell me who can save
the lady-her reputation's kinda shady
They say she smokes and drinks with men
(That's ok cause I sneak a smoke myself
now and then)
Leather, tinker, tailor man any one you meet
Here comes a flunky what a failure man
he's in a trance on Sedgewick Street

In the name of peace are you gonna pull
that bomb release
Just because they told you to?
Fears and doubts increase your angel lost his lease
And sorrow's got a hold on you
―tomorrow's got a hold on you
My man Eddie s steady wailin'
―next month he'll go sailin'
That rascal seems to float along
I just heard ol' Tom was ailin'
they say his health is failin'

I sure hope nobody done him wrong
Leather, tinker, tailor man or anyone you meet
A funky junkie and a jailer man
They're in a Trance on Sedgewick Street


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