Narrow Gate / 狭き門

作詞Bob Welch
作曲Bob Welch
This dream night
Dream that I shared with you
Is just a memory for me now - It's been blown away
down through the narrow gate
and washed on a beach - with legends and remains

Long into that night
She was warm as a lover's words
when the wallshave all come down
And you know what you had has gone

Won't you be mine
like on that dream night
won't you be mine and sit beside me now
won't you be mine
tell my fortune cause it's been too long
and I've forgotten how

And very soon you're going to find
the stories you got must be lies
Only you'll let me in
By the slip of my hand
well they're all true
'cause this bed of bones where I lay
down will soon be turning inside out
La Porte Etroite is open
and you're invited to come through
'Cause I believe that it's never too late
if you're goin' to the Narrow Gate

And if you think it's a dream then dream on
But I believe that you won't dream on
'Cause if you're livin' in danger
In a world you never made
May I remind you
of the narrow gate
Things inside the narrow gate
Come to those that wait
But don't wait too long

Things inside the narrow gate
Come to those that wait
Don't wait too long
Don't you wait too very long..


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