S'i Fosse Foco

アーティストVision Divine
作曲Magnani, Tordiglione, Alessio Lucatti
S'i' fosse foco, ardere' il mondo;
s'i' fosse vento, lo tempestarei;
s'i' fosse acqua i' l' annegherei;
s'i' fosse Dio, mandereil'en profondo;

s'i' fosse papa, serei allor giocondo,
che tutti christiani embrigarei;
s'i' fosse 'emperator, sa' che farei?
a tutti mozzarei lo capo a tondo.

S'i' fosse morte, andarei da mio padre;
s'i' fosse vita, fuggirei da lui:
similemente faria da mi' madre,

S'i' fosse Cecco, com'i' sono e fui,
torrei le donne giovani e leggiadre:
Le vecchie e laide lasserei altrui.

[Disgusted by a world which is sinking into the deepest despair and
is a slave to the politicians, who care for nothing else but their own
money and power, I decided to us all my resources in order to
create a huge spaceship names Elpis (like the ancient goddess of
Hope), so that I could finally leave this planet, together with every
other man and woman who see things the same way I do and maybe
one day find another planet, on which we could start a brand new
life, far away from these people that cause us despair.
They lie, they think they can fool us and they fight as if they really
wanted to conquer the whole world. Well, they can have it all. We're
leaving tonight, and it will be forever.]


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