Walk Over Me

アーティストThe All-American Rejects
作詞The All-American Rejects
作曲The All-American Rejects
Doctor, Doctor
Could you please just give me something
for the state I'm in?
I'm having trouble in society
believe I got it wrong again
I'm one-month-sober
I don't think I'm getting over my predicament
But If I jumped out of the window
what would she say

It's not on me
It's all on you
We can't deny, the things we do
I can't believe, her pretty feet
walked over me
All over me

Help me, Help me Doc
It seems to be an awful lot for me to understand
I know I'm not a specimen the troubles
and the mess I'm in I should be dead
He said, "Listen son I think that
you've had all your fun it's time for you to be a man
so you better quit your bitchin' think about
what the people would say"

It's not on me
It's all on you
I can't prescribe, what you want me to
You need some sleep, you better leave
He walked over me, all over me

You can wait until tomorrow, then it's gone
You wait until tomorrow, so long, it's gone

You can wait until tomorrow
you beg and steal and borrow til it's gone

(He don't got a lot, but he's got, all he needs)
I need someone to love
(And all he's got, well it's all, that he needs)
Somebody help me
'Cus I could use, just something to
to get me through
Anything willl do
Anything would do good by me
A little pill, a little thrill
should I take it I think I will
Either way I don't give a damn
what you people all say

It's not on me
It's all on you
I can't prescribe, what you want me to

I can't believe, feet walked over me

Yeah, it's not on me
It's all on you
There comes a time, to speak the truth
So you can see, me when I leave
walkover you


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