Go All Night (Live)

アーティストPat Travers
作詞Pat Travers
作曲Pat Travers
She said she knew how to do it
So I thought that I'd give it a try
Just another reason to call the old dog
If you gotta have a reason why

I see a dozen lights on the mirror
They really set off the place
All time was running like 'Indy 500'
But I wanted you to win the race
Wanted you to win the race

Knew it was time she started dancing
Flittered around and round
Open up a bottle that they call 'C.C.
We really started getting down

Now go all night
She could treat me right
She said yeah
Well I can
Don't doubt it
'Cause I can

Said that she could take me to heaven
But there was evil in her eyes

Well I was deep and kinda into myself
And so I didn't want to criticise

I floated cross the floor kinda smiling
And there was magic in the air
She said she had the kinda stuff that's never
been sold
But I told her just to leave 'em there
Told her just to leave 'em there

Looking by later she was flying
And there was music just everywhere
You were to keep from being some kind of freak
Can you get the hell away from there

Well I'll go all night
If you treat me right
But uh huh
You'll never get black blankets
Stuck to me honey

Well I wonder what I'm doing here
How does she do those things
I felt so close so really near
Now she's sighing without me

Look out

She really did put me through it
Still I couldn't think of nothing to say
Well and my eyes they were stinging
As I met up with the light of day

I looked at my face in the mirror
And a stranger was staring back
When I realised who the stranger really was
Well I nearly had a heart attack

Now go all night
She could treat me right oh
I can go all night
You can treat me right


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