アーティストPat Travers
作詞Pat Travers
作曲Pat Travers
And this one's dedicated to the people who,
who help you make a stand
who help you make it through
And everybody's got at least one,
A friend to lend a hand
and baby if you can't see that,
then you just don't understand
You just don't understand
So forget ail the suspicion
The foolish selfish pride
You've got to reach down deep for good
'cause there is so much inside
and you know that it is a good habit
and once you've really tried
Oh you just sail on up to the top
A close friend by your side
their loneliness has died
And try to be one of those people
who can understand
That life has never been easy
You've got to take people by the hand
You know that I've never been religious
But it seems so clear to me
If we could do just a little more
reachin' out
The love you'd feel, You'd see
So now that I've come up with this message
I didn't really mean to preach
It can't be wrong to project good vibes
You really have to try and teach

To teach yourself to be a kind person
When a friend is reaily down
Oh you can send him back up to the top
Now I hope you understand
I'm sure you can understand


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