Runnin' From The Future

アーティストPat Travers
作詞Pat Travers
作曲Pat Travers
I'm just runnin' from the future
Hidin' in the past
But I'd really like to see how long
Oh I can make this thing last
I never think of dying
although I know that it's a fact
that if I don't stop my speedin'
Oh I'll stop and I'll never comeback

I'll never come back
to all the things I love
like spendin' a night with you
and diggin' all the things that you do
You know that this life is never easy
Every bit of good has some bad
So now that I've found a someone like you
I can't help but feel glad
that I'm livin' for the future
learnin' from the past
Now I'd really like to see how long
Oh we can make this thing last.


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