アーティストPat Travers
作詞Pat Travers
作曲Pat Travers
I'm sendin' out a message telepathically
I feel so electric when you look at me
It's not complicated, so can't you see
that I'm itchin' for you, do you feel the same for me

Well I've had a few of my favourite drinks
I feel like boppin' workin' out the kinks
Alright, All night, Speakeasy
Oh when you hit the floor
I really, really knew the score
You looked alright in those jeans so tight
I knew right then
it was going to be my night, Speakeasy
Well you know I been hearin' about this place
at two a.m. it's the only space
To spend your money, get out your head
You know you take too much though, you wind up dead
The chick in white don't look so bad
and I don't think that I've ever had a time
like this, Speakeasy
Oh when I fell through the door
I really, really knew I'd score
The guy over there well he's got a bag
Forly quid and I'll be alright tonight
I'll be alright tonight!


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