Hooked On Music

アーティストPat Travers
作詞Pat Travers
作曲Pat Travers
I'm goin' where the lights shine bright
You know that's where I'm bound
I'm not gonna give up the fight
until the spotlight's found
The pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.

You know I'll do it anywhere
I'll rock in any town
Just as long as I can feel
that I'm gettin' down
I'm gettin' down, I'm turnin' around
and I'm hooked on music.

Hooked on music
Hooked on music
Hooked on rock n' roll

Hooked on music
Hooked on lovin' you

You know when someone
feels like me
There's not much they can do

But now that I found you girl
I'm not so blue
I'm not so blue
'cause I love you
and I'm hooked on music

Hooked on music
Hooked on music
Oh hooked on music
Yeah. yeah
Yeah yeah


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