アーティストPat Travers
作詞Pat Travers, Pat Travers Band
作曲Pat Travers, Pat Travers Band
Stevie, I think that we should
sit right down
and talk it over,
You know the time has come

I know I've done pushed you off my
but I thought that
whatever makes you must make you strong

And ever since I can remember
you've been so talented,
You could do anything you wanted,
Why can't you settle down?

All the fussin' and fightin'
So much energy.
If we could stick a line on you
wo could probably light the world

But I guess I was the same once
not too long ago,
I stay out drinkin' all night
and get all the girls

But who could've thought
a little love
could go such a long way.
Understanding would rule the day,
Some music
to help you know just what to say

You know I ain't exactly
pointin' this whole thing at you
I'm sayin' it as much for myself
as I am for you

And if you weren't my brother
Oh I'd probably
let it all slip by
But you're a reflection of myself
So I'll take you by the hand
so shout it

I will be strong
I will go on


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