作詞Gary Hughes
作曲Gary Hughes
This hell you raise,
Your red hot ways,
Could be the death of me,
A loss of sanity,
I know you tease
And this is ecstasy,
Dual personality,
Excesses in extremes,

You always turn me on,
You make my motor run,
You tantalise,
Caught up in your passion every night,

Little darling you're insatiable,
My little honey you're insatiable,

Just feed my need,
You beg and plead,
This living fantazy,
A life between the sheets,

It's not a dream,
This is reality,
Oh how you dress for me
Is perfect and obscene,

You always burn beyond,
Even when I think I'm done,
You excite,
Bringing all my senses back to life,

Little darling you're insatiable,
I know our love will always be the one,
When kindred spirts fall the seal a bond,
You and I, until dawn breaks out it's light
Become msatiahie,

I'll be the one,
Through the hot undercover nights
I'll be the one
In your heart and your soul,
I'll be the one
Be the light in my lover's eyes,
I'll be the one
Who's insatiable

I know now, you'll never see it,
And god in heaven knows how hard I've tried
I'm him with no strength left to feel it
Now you say our love was just a lie,

It's another rainy day
Trying to find a way but I bring you down,
Just another rainy day
Nothin I could say can appease you now
I need you to need me,
I'm in so much pain that it's hard to believe
I need you to need me,
Don't set me free,
Can't you see I'm surrendering now,
It's my heart you're dismembering now


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