Right Now

作詞Gary Hughes
作曲Gary Hughes
Look into my eyes,
Do you fear me?
Prophesies entwine
You revere me,

For centurries this web was spun,
By the the ostentatious one,
Like a god in supreme ascension,
So relecase the dead and run
From The Necronomicon
Death is such a surreal adventure,

Right now, right now
Caught in celestial Angelfire,
Right now, right now
Pawns in terrestrial gains empire,
Right now

Look into the skies
And see clearly,
Travel space ant time,
Can you hear me?

Share the feast of flesh as one
'Till the beast is fed and done,
Feel the blood engineer sensation,
Fantasies, forever young,
Deep within still waters run,
Acpuiese to the real temtation,

Right now, right now,
Caught in celestial Angelfire,
Right now, right now,
Pawns in terrestrial gams empire,
Right how


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