No Regrets

アーティストHolly Would Surrender
作詞Ole Baumert
作曲Ole Baumert
I know it's hard to figure out
what your life is all about
when everyone pushes you. around
feeling lost, you're nowhere found

you can run and hide but
you will never face your fears
so you better get on your feet,
and wipe away your tears

I hope someday we meet again
dance to all the songs we love
sing to all our favourite ones

we part ways, well that's a fact
but let me say with no regrets
thanks for sucking 50 much because
we don't need to stay in touch

We won't make it through this year
these are the words you said
and I knew that we will disappear
from day one of what we had
why won't you fall apart
let's try to finish what we started

stop hiding your inside
and open up your heart
bre&k through your walls and run
just open up your heart
where will we go
where will we fait apart
just open up your heart

what do you hide behind your eyes
did you ever show your face
I didn't understand the way
you acted in the past few days
why won't you fali apart
let's try to finish what we started


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