Happy Ending Kids

アーティストNils Lofgren
作詞Nils Lofgren
作曲Nils Lofgren
I found him sneaking round my store
I call my place "Sounds To Go"
My rent is 80 meals a week
I thought you should be the first to know

Being his folks, I know this comes as bad news
So I'll let you in on something, before you cry the blues
Your boy's got soul, yes he's easy, he's in control
You you gotta go easy, he's a gem, he's one of them

Happy ending kids

He was checking out a fender; drowsy
I was resting my eyes
He took a stratocaster and ran, not to my surprise
I had to go over and disturb him,
I wore out the seat of his pants
Put the axe in his trembling hands, said try to make me dance

He's really got soul,
I'd say he's got it under control
You know you gotta go easy
He's a gem, he's one of them

Happy ending kids


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