I Came To Dance / ロックン・ロール・ダンス

アーティストNils Lofgren
作詞Nils Lofgren
作曲Nils Lofgren
Well my manager kept telling me if I wanna be great
I'd better wise up and sing my songs straight
I said listen here fool, in order to survive
I've gotta be my dirty self, I won't play no jive

He told me he'd quit, I said don't jump to conclusion
Maybe being staight ain't the right solution
I'm not Bob Dylan, but I never miss a beat
I ain't no philosopher, I dance in the street

Well I came to dance, yes I came to dance
It's a rhythm romance, I'm having with my shoes

I took the matter up with a few million friends of mine
The supreme court of rock and roll was doing just fine
Demanding a speech, they poured me a drink
I'll play guitar all night and day, just don't ask me to think

I came to dance


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