Incidentally ... It's Over

アーティストNils Lofgren
作詞Nils Lofgren
作曲Nils Lofgren
I don't laugh out like the way you do
Lately you treat me like I'm back in school
You may be clever but I ain't no fool
Look out girl I'm serving notice to you
You'll wish that you were gone before I'm through
Oh incidentally it's over
Oh incidentally it's over
I kept warning you get off my case
If I were you I'd find a hiding place

Before you wash away without a trace
I'm taking you out and you won't need your coat
We're going to the river I sure hope you can float
Good luck
Oh incidentally it's over, over
Oh incidentally it's over, bye bye so long

A little fright keeps you from this pain
Just like a cell protects you from the rain
You'r in the streets tonight now ain't that a shame
Look our girl I'm gonna stick it to you
In a second you'll be washed up girl
Hey by the way, incidentally it's over
It's true
Hey by the way, incidentally, it's over
Yeah run away
Oh if you turn around you'll see a door
Start walking
And by the way you're through
Oh don't call me baby I'll call you


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