Can't Come In

アーティストWendy Waldman
作詞Wendy Waldman
作曲Wendy Waldman
Don't come around here
With your hair hanging down
And your eyes on the ground

Well don't look at me
Like you're lost in my town
And you love to be found

But you to get inside my door
You will have nothing more
You think that I don't know the score
But I have seen your tricks before

Well not gonna do it again
I know that you can't come in no more

If I told you once I must of told you
Ten thousand times
I don't wanna play no dumb games
But then you nod your head
And you hand me some kind of lie
Because you don't have no key
Then you tell me how you think of me
That I'm the one that you wanna see
Pretend you have such sympathy
But you keep on playing the tricks on me

Oh no going straight from my heart
Oh no gonna take it apart no more

One moment this is the stop
Oh no gonna open my door no more

Well now don't look at me
With that look in your eyes
Cause it ruins my health

Well now don't stick on...
I realized I'd rather be myself

When I told you that I cared for you
I hope that you would love me too
But you're always coming up
With something new
About why you treat me like you do
Like you do

I'm not gonna do it again
Don't knock 'cause you can't come in
No more

Oh no going straight from my heart
Oh no gonna take it apart no more
Here my talking now

(Repeat above)


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