アーティストRy Cooder
作詞Ry Cooder
作曲Ry Cooder
When I'm near to you I'm nearly poor and that's new to me
You built me up then you brought me down secretly
I was for you body and soul now I'm trapped in a deep hole
Kool-Aid I drank the Kool-Aid

You said the poor were closing in and I had to leave
war on them was a righteous thing and I believed
With my gun I took a stand against black, brown, yellow and tan'
Kool-Aid I drank your Kool-Aid

But the day came when I found my little job was gone
How how'm I supposed to tell my little wife at home
She thinks you will make everything all right
But she's over there asleep and I'm smoking
menthol cigarettes all night

Kool-Aid all 'round my brain
what shall I do help me please I can't change
I hare no hope I could be wrong
But all I got is just about gone
Kool-Aid I drank your Kool-Aid
Kool-Aid I drank all your Kool-Aid


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