Cold Cold Feeling

アーティストRy Cooder
作詞Ry Cooder
作曲Ry Cooder
I walked up and down the white House
Till I wore the leather out from under my shoes
I didn't have nothing but the cold cold President blues
If you never been President then you don't know how it feels
These stray dog Republicans always snappin' at my heels
The Supreme Court is contaminated
Everything they do is wrong
They have messed up voting rights
And I know their wig is gone
I got a cold cold feeling
We got Jim Crow coming 'round once more
If they resegregate the white House
I'll have to go in through the kitchen door
It's a downright rotten low-down dirty shame
The way these tea head Republicans are treating me
I swear I'm not to blame
Cold cold feeling 'cause everything is going on wrong


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