I'm Gonna Miss You

アーティストMel Torme
作詞Mel Torme
作曲Mel Torme
You've said goodbye
Your eyes are dry
I know if I should start to cry
I'd cry through summer, winter, spring and fall
And the holidays would be the worst of all

I'm gonna miss you on Valentine's Day
When I see all the young lovers together
I'm gonna miss you on Washington's birthday
'Cause I told a lie and I lost you

I'm gonna feel like an April fool
When April First is due
At the end of May, Memorial Day
Your memory will come through

I'm gonna miss you the Fourth of July
And All Hallows Eve and Labor Day too
On Thanksgiving, I will give thanks
For the moments I shared with you

And on Christmas Eve I'll fall on my knees
And pray for you to return
'Cause I'm gonna miss you every day


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