I'm Putting Me In Your Hands

アーティストDionne Warwick
作詞Colin Romoff, Martin Charnin
作曲Colin Romoff, Martin Charnin
I'm putting me, putting me in your hands
From here on out, from here on out, I'm in love
All my love, all of it, in your hands
For there I'm safe, I know I'm safe in the sands

I'm gonna fit, got to be in your life
And I'm gonna sit, gonna sit on your knee
And you're going to get, going to get all I've got
For all your nice and taking care of me

We'll be happier friends than we were
No tears, I've found that that I lot
Your wishes are, your wishes are mine
Just do what you will, do what you will

And you'll be mine
I'll put my trust in you
I knew you want a family
Keep me for keeps or stand me and fail me
I'm putting me forever in your hands
In your hands
In your hands, yeah, yeah, yeah


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