Till It's Gone

アーティストJ. Williams
作詞J. Williams, Inoke Finau
作曲J. Williams, Inoke Finau
You know when you got a girl
You need to look after her
Treat her with respect
Boy you need to stop frontin'
I know it's hard especially if you're a star
But it's time to make a change
She's your princess

I think ifs time to put you to the test to show
How much you love her

Love isn't a game
You need to tell her how you feel
You gotta stop playing those silly games now
Make sure she knows that your feelings are real

You don't know what you got until it's gone
You sit alone and you think why and how this went wrong
You don't know what you got until it's gone
If you don't follow the words that I'm saying
Then your girl is gone

When you find the right woman
You know there's no one else like her
She loves you and you know it
But do you love her and do you show it
Oh yeah
You think you know it
And you act like you really show it
But ask her if you're treating her good
If you don't ask her then
How do you know if
You're treating her the way you should

That's why I say

If ya'll got a lady
Then you know where I'm coming from
Do you wanna be lonely
And have no one to fall on
I'm guessing your answers no
Cause no one wants to feel this way
Make sure she's here to stay so listen

Remember the words I'm telling you
Cause you and your girl ya'll can pull through
Remember to take care of her or she will be gone...


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