Soldieress (feat.Temple Jones)

アーティストJ. Williams, Temple Jones
作詞J. Williams, Shirley Betham
作曲J. Williams, Shirley Betham
We gon do it like this
J, Jones
Let's go

I'm calling shotgun in your ride and go
And love the way you taking me drive slow
And we gonna get indecently exposed
Press pause play rewind first
Take it to the floor
I'm looking for a man I know I can trust
In form in the club then you know that's us
Understand I'm a star so the cash
Is a must
I don't care what they say
It's on now
Tell em J

Keep your eyes on the prize mummy
You getting wild
Wanna see you impress me shorty
See if you can test me

I see you feeling this vibe
Fantasy injecting and for sure you know I will
Push you to the limits

I don't really care about
Anybody else
But you, you
If you don't mind
Girl we don't gotta play by the rules
Gonna hit campsite on the dance floor

I need a soldieress
Camouflaged in a dress
So she's got to be wild never in at ease style
I want a soldieress
That's all I want nothing less ohh
My own independent women
Ohh Ohh
Ohh Ohh

I'm gonna change up the mix
Can't wait to see what's next
Acceleration coming for you baby
Straight for ya baby ohh
I see you taking charge of every beat
My heart is racing
One hundred miles for you girl

You looking at a rap chick model diva
Temptress hotness off the meter
A boss that's grinding getting that paper
An A grade student studying for later
Crush my haters burn till they paper
Put them in their place return to their maker
You got the goods for a master plan
And you keep it hood so it's on like damn

(I need a, I need a, I need a so I die re ss
I need a, I gotta have a, I need a soldieress)


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