Somebody Bigger Than You And I

アーティストDionne Warwick
作詞Johnny Lange, Hy Heath, Sonny Burke
作曲Johnny Lange, Hy Heath, Sonny Burke
Who made the mountains,
Who made the tree
Who made the river flow out to the sea
Who hung up the moon in the starred sky, truly
Somebody bigger bigger than you and I, yeah
Who made the flower bloom in the spring
And who, who writes the songs
For the robbins to sing
Who sends the rain when the air is dry
It was somebody bigger than you and I
He lighted my way
When the road gets long
He has become comfort me
And with his love to guide you
He'll walk right beside you
Just like he walks with me
Yeah when I am weary
I'm so filled with despair
Tell me who, who gives me courage
Courage to go on from there
And who gives me thanks I shall never doubt
Somebody bigger,
Bigger than you than you and I


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