The Love Gangster

アーティストStephen Stills
作詞Stephen Stills, Bill Wyman
作曲Stephen Stills, Bill Wyman
Have you got a feeling
Brother you rock the bumble bee
Give me some room for breathing
Love you till you disappear
Time, do you need a place to hide

Can you be believing
What they told you yesterday
Looks can be deceiving
You look a kid running away
Why, if you don't stop you'll die

Everyone looking at my girl
Everyone thinking about my girl
Satire, everyone barraging my girl
You can take her
If you got another you'd better fly
The love gangster
Cause the love gangster gonna make you cry

Policeman on the corner
Another one down the street
Kinda makes you wonder
What you gonna do with you feet
And it ain't no lie
You gonna need a place to hide
Everybody gonna need a place to hide


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