You, Mysterious You

アーティストThe Originals
作詞William Robinson, Ronald White
作曲William Robinson, Ronald White
(Mysterious you)

You are a vision that came in the night
And the shadows have found you
You turn the darkness to light
Now, I've found so much that sweet
surrounds you

Your eyes, which feel like you care
They're eternally there
Just to haunt me

'Cause still every time I come near
Then it's suddenly clear you don't want me

You don't have to hide
'Cause I feel the same inside

But how can f live my life for you so
When you're afraid to let it grow?
I can't conceive for one moment
You'd ever believe that I'd hurt you

'Cause I'd rather leave
If I thought I could ever deceive
Or desert you

Why do you hide what you're feeling inside
As you turn away sadly?
You must be true to your heart
And stop playing this part
You play badly

Can't we stop this playing?
We can't let it end this way
Deep inside you know I care
But there's still a small hurt there

I know you're being unfair
But in every prayer
I'll keep praying
That somehow, someone up above
Can convince you, my love
You're delaying

Don't search the dreams that you've lost
Think of what it could cross hesitating
Can you seal it in your life?
It's just saying goodbye
To the real thing


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