I Cross My Heart

アーティストThe Spinners
作詞Ivy Jo Hunter
作曲Ivy Jo Hunter
It's good to see you, girl

Since you've been gone it's been
a lonely world for me
(Lonely world)
It's been so long
And I've been holding on to memories of
how we used to be

To think that I was fool enough to
cast your love aside
For foolish pride
But love, I've learned
I've played with fire, had my feelings burned
Yes, I've learned

And I became
I thank my father's arm
This lonely heart of mine
Because if you return I cross my heart
(I cross my heart)
I swear I won't misuse your love again
(Love again)

And I cross my heart
(I cross my heart)
Without you loneliness will never end
Never end

Darling, my little, darling
I know I'm to blame
I'm so ashamed
I thought love was just a game
But now I see
My destiny is to live a lonely life
Since I've sacrificed your precious love
you gave to me

Come back to me
And end this misery
That I'm existing in
Darling let me in again

I cross my heart
I'll never, never make you cry again
And I cross my heart
I'll never make you say goodbye again, oh no

Oh, no
(Oh no)
Darling, I cross my heart
I swear I'll never, never, I'll never misuse your
love again

I cross my heart
I'll never, ever make you cry again


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