Six O'clock News

アーティストJohn Prine
作詞John Prine
作曲John Prine
Wanda had a baby in 1951
The father was a stranger
And a stranger was the son
Call that child James Lewis
Call these rooms a home
Changing all them diapers
Polish all that chrome
C'mon baby spend the night with me

All around the schoolyard
Playing all the games
Running, laughing back and forth
The kid with two first names
Stranger in the closet
Lock the diary
The past is running faster
Singing harmony
C'mon baby, spend the night with me

"God bless this kitchen"
Said the knick knack shelf
"Dinner's almost ready
Go and wash yourself"
Jimmy's growing up now
And Wanda's growing old
Time is growing shorter
The nights are long and cold
C'mon baby, spend the night with me

Sneaking in the closet
And thru the diary
Now, don't you know all he saw
Was all there was to see
The whole town saw Jimmy
On the six o'clock news
His brains were on the sidewalk
And blood was on his shoes
C'mon baby, spend the night with me


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