Jeremiah's Song

アーティストPaul Siebel
作詞Paul Siebel
作曲Paul Siebel
I knew a man from Burlington
Contented with his life
He'd never stop to argue
Nor would he start to fight
Rejected by his brother
And then his family
For they suspected treason
In the first degree

For once upon a Sunday
He'd stood against their view
And told the congregation
There was nothing he would do
Defendin' cheap convictions
You call a cause for war
I beg of you my brothers
Not to kill no more

Oh how the jackels gather
When famine stalks the land
And how the tongue will clatter
In the heads of every man
They burned and broke down all his crops
His cattle they did slay
And hung him from a white oak tree
For the birds of prey

Now early the next mornin'
I went to cut him down
And found him painted colors
As if a circus clown
He's buried in the mountain
A hidden grave I made
And I don't speak to strangers
I turn the other way


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