Chips Are Down

アーティストPaul Siebel
作詞Paul Siebel
作曲Paul Siebel
To be a man when the chips are down
Be a clown
When you fight
Hiding your face in a brass parade
Masquerade through the night
Oh you're only half grown
Yet you're sleepy

And neatly at four, matador
You're completely alone
Nothing is worth too much sacrifice
Life is nice - put me on

Read all the books up upon my shelf
Know myself
What a bore
Poets were made for the guillotine
Know much more
You can work
For your board and your room boy
And soon with this broom
Earn a Ford all your own
Every one's preachin' participate
While love and hate - shoot the dice

Beautiful people they make me sick
It's a trick
They're a drag
Razors they carry between the teeth
Should you meet
Raise the flag
Oh the maidens are perfect
To lay with
So if it's you baby blue
Come play with me
The trouble with love you must give it all
So best to call - it a loan


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